A transformed health care delivery system that incentivizes prevention requires a redesign of the roles people fill to keep the population as healthy as possible. As emphasis on community services, wellness promotion and out-patient treatment grows, the workforce must develop to meet these changing needs.

Alliance works with partner organizations to prepare for the changes in workforce needs; developing existing and future members of the workforce to apply their skills where they can have the greatest impact on improving the health of communities.

Training and Education Fund

The Alliance Training and Education Fund is designed to support partner training efforts that lead to improved health outcomes as defined by specific DSRIP performance measurements and project goals. It supports our commitment for investing in training and education that prepares and reconfigures the workforce for the future delivery system where reimbursement is tied increasingly to value and less to volume.

Requests for funds may be submitted through the Alliance Training and Education Fund Application at any time, and will be considered on a rolling basis as they are received.

Prior to submitting an application, please view the Training and Education Fund Request Guidelines.

Workforce Committee

The Alliance Workforce Committee reflects the diversity of our six county area and includes representation from hospitals, primary care, behavioral health, community-based, academia, and other key stakeholders.