Vision & Goals

Our vision is health equity.

At Alliance, we believe in the power of a united and collaborative care delivery community, working in partnership with patients and clients, to foster health equity for all.

We envision an integrated health care delivery system in our community that will replace the fragmented one currently in place. Through new partnerships and collaboration among hospitals, physicians, long term and home care programs, social service agencies and community organizations, we will improve the quality of care delivered to Medicaid members and uninsured individuals. We will also ensure that a patient’s care is tailored to his/her individual needs, both medically and socially, and that the right care is delivered at the right time and in the right place.

Our Ultimate Goal & Opportunity

With funding from NYS Department of Health, we are able to act as a set of “training wheels” for our partners. We are de-risking planning and implementation of pilot projects and innovations, ultimately handing over programs that have clear return on investment in a Value Based Payment environment.

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