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One of our most important jobs is to listen to our partners and to the community to truly understand barriers and opportunities. Our role as convener and sounding board allows us to identify solutions that are a true fit for our community. Our Solutions Management team, made up of expert data analysts, IT professionals, healthcare specialists, and community-based liaisons, works tirelessly to bring the best solutions to our partners for piloting.

Alliance and its partners have implemented a technology solution for closed-loop referrals from medical care providers to service organizations that address social determinants of health AND from these service organizations back to medical care providers.  This infrastructure assures that no individual “slips through the cracks” and has helped us efficiently and reliably connect people to the services that they need.  This network of providers and the associated technology solution is called Healthy Together.
Healthy Together is powered by Unite Us, a HIPAA-compliant, veteran-owned company.  Unite Us helps to replace other referral mechanisms such as faxes and phone calls and helps to build an accountable, coordinated network that enables every network partner to seamlessly report outcomes to one another.  Partner organizations can either refer directly to an organization or seek assistance from the Healthy Together Coordination Center staffed by United Way 211 all from within the Unite Us platform.
We’ve named our network Healthy Together to call to our desire to have this tool serve and be owned by our entire community. The network allows those participating throughout Albany, Fulton, Montgomery, Rensselaer, Saratoga, and Schenectady counties and beyond to connect in real time with social service providers, behavioral health providers, and primary care providers.  
View our current network partners and resource information here

Medicaid covers rides for clinical services only, but there is more to being healthy than visiting the doctor’s office. Access to services that are not covered by Medicaid that address an individual’s “social determinants of health,” such housing, food, chronic illness support, benefits navigation pharmacies are essential to improving health outcomes. We listened to our partners and have responding by offering a non-medical transportation solution called Circulation.

If you are part of the Healthy Together network, you have access to a web-based transportation coordination platform called Circulation that allows staff (usually care coordinators) the ability to connect Medicaid consumers to non-medical services to address social determinants of health needs. Alliance offers this solution in conjunction with Better Health for Northeast New York (BHNNY).

Learn more about Circulation by downloading our summary document.

If you are are interested in joining Healthy Together or Circulation or are currently part of the Healthy Together and Circulation network and have questions or requests, please submit a request form here.

Have questions? Please contact us at [email protected]

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