Tobacco Cessation

DSRIP Project Name: Promote Tobacco Use Cessation, Especially Among Low Socioeconomic Status Populations and Those with Poor Mental Health (Project 4.b.i.)

Alliance staff contact: Ed Stomski | 518.701.2283


Train primary care providers to address their patients’ use of tobacco and offer medication and other assistance to enable their patients to quit.

Why does the community need this project?

Smoking and using tobacco lead to more deaths in the state of New York than any other lifestyle behavior. Although commercials and other efforts to convince people to stop smoking have helped overall, smoking rates for poor adults or people with poor behavioral health have not decreased.

Project Goal

Decrease the number of people who smoke or use tobacco products.

Our Plan

  • Help doctors implement a system to speak to their patients about tobacco use and be able to offer them help to quit.
  • Educate providers about the New York State Smokers’ Quitline
  • Provide patients with medications to help them quit smoking.
  • Educate people on why they should quit smoking.