Lange’s Pharmacy

Lange’s Pharmacy has been proudly serving the local community since 1963. Daniel Lange, RPh, David Lange, RPh, and Angel Lange, RPh are here to provide you the service and expertise that you would expect from a family-owned and operated business in the heart of your community. Personalized care, exceptional service, and a warm smile when you need it most.

As both a pharmacy and resource for every day needs, we pride ourselves in providing the individualized attention and advice you can count on. Whether you come into our pharmacy or we come to you (yes, we have a great delivery service as well), we are here to serve you.

Lange’s Pharmacy is known as the store that has a little of bit everything and a wealth of information. We impart our knowledge to you through great care, diligence and compassion because we believe the community is our family. From allergies to travel medicine, this is the place to find detailed information on a wide range of health conditions, illnesses, and treatments. Learn more about the drugs that are prescribed for you; find out when and how it should be taken, possible side effects and necessary precautions at Lange’s Pharmacy

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