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Regional Consumer-Directed Health Information Exchange

July 26, 2018

Alliance for Better Health Announces Launch of Regional Consumer-Directed Health Information Exchange: First in Nation to Support Medicaid Members

Alliance envisions an integrated health delivery system where every clinician or social service provider has a view of the whole person they are serving, not just the issue presented on that day. In our effort to achieve better health outcomes, we understand that seeing the whole person is critical to achieving better outcomes by uncovering unmet needs and better prescribing care that is appropriate for every person and their unique life circumstances.

Alliance CEO Jacob Reider offered that: “too often, health information isn’t shared by hospitals and physicians because of complex privacy regulations. When consumers manage and share our own health information, we become empowered drivers of our own health, rather than passengers. With this program, we’ll empower Medicaid members to control their health information and share it with whomever they choose, thereby improving efficiency and safety.”

Alliance’s soon-to-be-launched Consumer-Directed Exchange, which supports the consumer’s right under HIPAA to invoke access to personal health information, will give our region’s Medicaid members direct access to their information and allow them to share that with any agency assisting in their care. This includes direct health providers and Community-Based Organizations, like homeless shelters and food pantries, which play a vital role in the support and care of these community members.

Videntity Systems, Inc. has been selected by a panel of industry experts to implement the Consumer-Directed Exchange. Videntity brings together experts in the health systems administration and delivery, health technology design and development, as well as equity and inclusion. A key component of Videntity’s application for this project was the inclusion of a Health Equity Advisor on the project team who has a deep background in serving under-resourced communities and in partnering with Community-Based Organizations.
XchangeWorx, a technology company that builds solutions for interoperability and sustainability of healthcare information exchange (HIE), supports and maintains an application platform implemented by the regional HIE, Hixny. Hixny, which covers 19 counties north and west of the Capital District, is one of the most successful HIEs in the country.
The platform includes APIs that expose Hixny business processes for patient identity, user authorization and data sharing, will be used by the Videntity app, which will provide a custom workflow that meets Alliance’s needs for the Consumer-Directed Exchange.
“We’re pleased to be working with the Alliance and their other partners to create a foundational change in healthcare information sharing,” said Joel Ryba, CEO at XchangeWorx. “Using open standards, we have enabled a solution that can scale across the entire country.”

Work to launch the Consumer-Directed Exchange is set to launch in September of 2018. Medicaid members, as well as staff from local Community-Based Organizations, will be consulted and involved in the build-out of the exchange.

Download the entire press release here: Alliance Consumer Directed Exchange

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