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$2.2 Million Promotes Innovation to Improve Health

November 13, 2017

Alliance for Better Health Provides Seed Money for Local Social Service Organizations to Innovate to Improve Health

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Alliance for Better Health has awarded more than $2.2 million to 14 medical, behavioral health and social service organizations as part of its mission to transform care to improve health. The money came from Alliance’s $6.5 million Innovation Fund, designed to encourage community based organizations and providers to think differently about how to address their patients’ and clients’ needs and model new ways of doing business in a changing healthcare environment.

Awards ranged in size from $4,800 to $466,000. Organizations submitted applications that stated how the requested funds would enable them to address specific health needs for the Medicaid population and how their efforts would leverage relationships with other service providers.

The 14 recipients are among the 50 medical and social service organizations and hospitals serving the Medicaid population across six counties in the capital region and upstate New York who have partnered with Alliance for Better Health to develop a united and collaborative care delivery community that fosters health equity for all.

Kristen Scholl, Vice President of Population Health Programs at Alliance for Better Health describes the innovation fund as a means to help medical and non-medical partners alike launch new programs and try new tactics aimed to promote health equity.

“We are entrusted to transform care to improve health for our communities. This can’t be done with a business-as-usual mindset, and our partners understand this. The innovation fund provides seed money to help bring creative and new ideas to fruition.”

$466,348 to Trinity Alliance of the Capital Region

Alliance awarded $466,348 to Trinity Alliance of the Capital Region to increase access to preventive care services to traditionally underserved neighborhoods. The human services organization will integrate health services into neighborhood gathering spaces, hubs, that focus on helping residents better understand their health, improving access to medical, social and pharmacy services, and training community members to serve in health navigator roles.

Harris Oberlander, Chief Executive Officer of Trinity Alliance says, “This innovation award from the Alliance for Better Health will enable Trinity Alliance of the Capital Region the ability to catapult our mission of supporting and promoting healthy families, adults and children by addressing the health needs of those we serve. Trinity Alliance is a trusted neighborhood human services agency who cares deeply for our consumers and is grateful for the support of Alliance for Better Health to together improve the health of our community.”

$232,310 to Bethesda House

With an award of $232,310 from Alliance’s Innovation Fund, Bethesda House, a housing and social services organization that serves the homeless, disabled and economically disadvantaged community in Schenectady will be hiring licensed social workers and intensive case managers to staff its overnight emergency shelter. In addition to meeting the food and housing needs for those facing an emergency situation, Bethesda House will now have clinical staff available for counseling and to help identify community resources.

Kimarie Sheppard, Executive Director of Bethesda House describes the opportunity, “As a point of access for many critical services, Bethesda House is ideally positioned to address a wide spectrum of needs of people who come through our doors. With the support of Alliance for Better Health, when someone comes to us in need of emergency overnight housing, we can now also help ensure they receive the medical and behavioral health care they so often require, while working with our housing case managers toward housing and income stabilization. No matter why someone comes to Bethesda House, we aim to address the needs of the whole person.”

A full list of initial Innovation Fund awards can be found here. Additional applications are currently under review for the remainder of the $6.5 million innovation fund.

Partners receiving innovation funds from Alliance are also eligible to earn funding through Alliance’s Transformation Fund program that assigns partners to teams according to specific health improvement initiatives, for example reducing the number of unnecessary hospital admissions. Success for these teams is measured by the New York State Department of Health as part of its Medicaid reform effort, Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment (DSRIP) program.

About Alliance for Better Health

Alliance for Better Health engages medical, behavioral health and social service providers to collaborate in new and innovative ways with a mission to transform care to improve health. Envisioning a united and collaborative care delivery community, fostering health equity for all, Alliance assists partners in developing new relationships, programs and techniques to prepare for an environment that emphasizes prevention and value over volume of care delivered.

Alliance is a performing provider system within the New York State Medicaid redesign effort known as Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment (DSRIP). Alliance serves six counties in the capital region and upstate New York.

Alliance for Better Health

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