Performance Program

Designed to achieve our ultimate goal of improving the health of our community, our Performance Program is Alliance’s long-term partner initiative focused on health outcomes. Through a team-based approach facilitated by Alliance, this program prepares partners for the future delivery system where reimbursement is tied to value, not volume.

Based on a “collective impact” model of cross-sector collaboration, Alliance seeks to facilitate a partner-informed, goal and outcome-driven, time-bound strategy that addresses the root causes of some of our region’s most complex health challenges.

Three workgroups made of up over 40 regional medical and community based organization partners are pursuing year long, best-practice, integrated initiatives. Supported by dedicated Alliance program managers, project managers, IT, transformation, behavioral health, and care coordination experts, this program aims to achieve integrated, measurable, and sustainable improvements to our delivery system.

Core Workgroups

  • Integrated Delivery System
  • Social Determinants of Health
  • Education and Training

All Hands Performance Meeting Notices

No March meeting to accommodate Healthy Together Referral Network trainings

April meeting date and location TBD

Action Plans Deep Dive Webinar

Medicaid Patient Lists and Data Sharing 101 Webinar

Click here to read the FAQ from the MPL and Data Sharing 101 Webinar.

Performance Program Resources

Collective Impact Model Article

Performance Roadmap 2018

Medicaid Patient List Template

Action Plan FAQs


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