Value Based Payment

Through DSRIP Performing Provider Systems, including Alliance and their medical and social service provider partners, are changing the way they interact with each other and with patients in order to promote health. For these changes to sustain and continue promoting health beyond the five-year span of DSRIP, the payment system must also transform.

Value based payment is a method that encourages prevention by moving away from paying providers based on the volume of patients they see and care they provide, to rewarding health outcomes and tying reimbursement to value. New York State is committed to the move to value based payment and has set a statewide goal for 80% of Medicaid provider payments to be within a level 1 VBP arrangement by 2020.

We are committed to preparing our partners for value based payment, providing training and resources to providers and Community-Based Organizations.

Value Based Payment Resources

The following resources are meant to help our partners establish an understanding of what VBP means for them. In addition to these resources and upcoming training hosted by Alliance, please contact Lauren Ayers, Vice President of Finance with any questions.

In 2 minutes – what is VBP?
NYS VBP Roadmap
VBP Social Determinants of Health (SDH) & Community-Based Organizations (CBOs) Informational Webinar (NYS DOH)
What CBOs need to know to be successful in VBP
NYS SDOH Intervention Menu

VBP University: Hosted by the Department of Health and is designed to be an academic resource to raise awareness, knowledge and expertise in the move to VBP. View “Welcome to VBP University” for an introduction. The program includes video lessons, resource handouts and quizzes. Upon completion and a passing grade of 80% or higher, participants receive a VBP Certificate of Completion.

Department of Health VBP Introductory Videos
VBP: An Introduction
VBP for providers
NYS DSRIP Whiteboard Series, Value Based Payment

Education Sessions
Building a Foundation for Value Based Payment – December 6, 2017

VBP Conference March 2018
Behavioral Health: Pioneers of True Integration
Community Based Orgs: Contracting Perspectives & Resources for CBOs Part 1
Community Based Orgs: Contracting Perspectives & Resources for CBOs Part 2
General Session Panel
Keynote Address: Contracting Concepts for Value Based Payments
Keynote by Dr. Vasquez
Primary Care Practices: VBP Agreements

VBP Readiness
VBP BHNNY-ALLIANCE Readiness Resources