Partner Resources

Our #1 job is to support and assist you through the DSRIP journey. Check here often for updates on partner resources and tools.

Value Based Payment: Value based payment is a method used to encourage prevention by moving away from paying providers based on the volume of patients they see and care they provide, to rewarding health outcomes and tying reimbursement to value. New York State is committed to the move to value based payment and has set a statewide goal for 80% of Medicaid provider payments to be within a level 1 VBP arrangement by 2020. We are committed to preparing our partners for value based payment, providing training and resources to providers and Community-Based Organizations. Learn more

Workforce: A transformed healthcare delivery system that incentivizes prevention requires a redesign of the roles people fill to keep the population as healthy as possible. As emphasis on social determinants of health, wellness promotion, and out-patient treatment grows, the workforce must develop to meet these changing needs. Learn more

Data Analytics: Data analytics is the lynchpin of healthcare transformation. As such, we embrace data-driven quality improvement as the mechanism for industry change. At the core of our strategy lies a robust data analytics platform. Learn more