Data Entry Robot RFP

Our work is focused on helping the underserved members of our community be more healthy. You may see our sister organizations describing efforts to “transform care” or “improve health care” or variants of these principles. We agree that health care needs to be transformed, but we prefer to focus on “improved health” as the primary goal. If we stay focused on this, we’ll make the right decisions and invest in the right projects.

We seek to support the infrastructure that currently exists in our communities, and to help the organizations that create this safety-net do what they do best. For an organization to do their best, they need to be maximally efficient, and to be maximally efficient, we need to eliminate inefficient work processes.

One part of enhancing efficiency has been to implement the HealthyTogether Network. With HealthyTogether, referrals for social care services are facilitated, and tracked, and we can commit to the individuals we serve that they’ll get the services they need. Nobody will fall through the cracks. As our team has engaged with CBOs, we realized that we were asking them to interact with yet another electronic system. As we dug deeper to understand, we saw intake workers entering redundant data into multiple systems already … and now we were adding a third or fourth system with which they would interact. This is not “maximally efficient.” It’s muda!

So we’ve decided to make good on our commitment to help make things better and not worse. We need to reduce waste, not increase it.

What if …

We could leverage technology to “watch” the workers as they enter data into one system, and then copy this data into another system, without building complex backend interfaces between systems. Such “robots” are now in use in many settings. This isn’t a new idea.

So here we go. We’re posting this mini-RFP today. Responses are due on July 28th by midnight EDT. We’re looking for innovators who can rapidly respond to the RFP, develop a solution, and implement a minimally viable product. This is important work that we believe can really help people and the organizations who serve them. We’re excited to announce this RFP and we look forward to reviewing your proposals!

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