Lead Organization

Trinity Alliance

Joint Applicants

Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
Albany Damien Center

Areas Project Intends to Serve

Capital District


Trinity Alliance, Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Services, and Albany Damien Center are awarded $486,475.74 to establish a Public Health Pharmacist Team, which will work in a community health setting to promote a pharmacist-led medication management service. The service will be focused on medication reconciliation and a reduction of medication-related problems, ultimately aiming to promote positive outcomes and medication literacy among Medicaid patients. The Public Health Pharmacist team will provide support to community health workers via case-specific consultations, medication review services, and provide home visits to patients based on referrals from community health workers, primary care providers, and hospital discharges. Additionally, the Team will provide community stakeholders and other key community members with education and training on medical terminology, and it would recruit community residents as Pharmacy Technicians. Furthermore, the Public Health Pharmacist Team will negotiate with Managed Care Plans within a Value Based Purchasing framework, ultimately meeting a plethora of DSRIP measures by improving the treatment of not only Asthma, but also Behavioral Health issues, overall causing a reduction in avoidable hospital use.

DSRIP Measures Addressed

  • Asthma
    • Asthma Control Scripts (50%+)
    • Asthma Control Scripts (75%+)
    • Asthma Medication ratio
    • Potentially Preventable Admissions – Adolescent Asthma
    • Potentially Preventable Admissions – Pediatric Asthma
  • Behavioral Health
    • Antidepressant Medication Management – Acute
    • Antidepressant Medication Management – Continuation
    • Antipsychotic Med Users with Diabetes Screening
    • Diabetic Schizophrenics with Diabetes Monitoring
    • Engaged in Substance Abuse Treatment
    • Initiation of Substance Abuse Treatment
    • Potentially Preventable Emergency Visit
    • Schizophrenics with Antipsychotic Medication Adherence
  • Avoidable Hospital Use
    • Potentially Preventable Admissions – Child
    • Potentially Preventable Admissions – Adult
    • Potentially Preventable Emergency Department Visits
    • Potentially Preventable Re-admissions






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