Lead Organization

Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Albany

Joint Applicants

Ellis Hospital

Areas Project Intends to Serve



A partnership of Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Albany and Ellis Hospital seeks to reduce avoidable hospital use through the establishment of an on-site food pharmacy for Ellis patients dealing with food insecurity. Outgoing Medicaid patients will be screened for need, and, if necessary, referred to the food pharmacy. The food pharmacy will provide a three-day supply of food, as well as medically tailored home-delivery meals for home-bound, critically or chronically ill patients over the age of 40 who have specific nutritional needs for as long as prescribed by the hospital, or, for patients over the age of 60, until they are served by Meals on Wheels. Furthermore, the service will provide patients and their food with transportation home from the hospital, and ongoing deliveries as needed. The project aims to address nutritional concerns which are a known source of ailments and subsequently costs among Medicaid recipients.

DSRIP Measures Addressed

  • Preventative Health
    • Primary Care Visit (Age 20-44)
    • Primary Care Visit (Age 45-64)
    • Primary Care Visit (Age 65+)
  • Behavioral Health
    • Antidepressant Medication Management – Acute
    • Antidepressant Medication Management – Continuation
    • Potentially Preventable Emergency Visit
    • Schizophrenics with Anti-psychotic Medication Adherence






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