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Whitney M. Young Jr. Health Center, Inc.

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Healthy Capital District Initiative

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Capital District


Whitney M. Young Jr. Health Center, Inc., and the Healthy Capital District Initiative (HCDI) have operated the regional Seal -A-Smile (S-A-S) program for the last ten years. In the most recent school year the program has provided dental hygiene intervention and education to over 3,600 children in over 50 educational venues (elementary schools, head start programs, summer camps, WIC clinics). Over 80% of these children are from low income families in Title I schools and have either Medicaid or Child Health Plus coverage. However, despite the presence of dental coverage, less than 20% of the children identified with dental carries by the HCDI staff actually have a restorative visit with a dentist in the next twelve months to address the decay identified by the HCDI staff. HCDI staff also know from the consent documents they collect from families to allow their children to get a hygienist visit that hundreds of those forms lack an identified PCP of record for the children that will be getting a dental hygiene visit in the school. So a combination of a lack of follow-up on identified dental decay in screened students as well as an absence of a PCP of record for many children seen leads to a clear opportunity for HCDI staff in the field to heighten their efforts to intervene and make referrals in a more structured system for both dental follow up and engagement with a pediatrician/family practitioner.

HCDI proposed adding a care coordination component for dental follow up and referral by September 5, 2018 when the new school year begins. They would also add the function of outreach to families with no identified PCP of record for students screened by the same date. WYH will add a dental care coordinator position and a peds care coordinator position by August 15, 2018. Each of the two parties will be responsible for tracking the interventions attempted using ECW’s referral module as well as an internal data warehouse used for MCO enrollment management that is being developed now. HCDI submits monthly reports to WYH to assist in managing the Seal-A-Smile program so these data elements will be added to that monthly reporting template to provide an ongoing metric to measure success with enhancing completion of referrals for dental treatment and engagement with a PCP. At the close of the first year of this intervention it is anticipated that at least another 400 children with dental carries will be treated from the Seal-A-Smile program and another 500 children will be engaged with a pediatric provider at WYH or elsewhere.

DSRIP Measures Addressed

  • Preventative Health
    • Well Child Visit (Age 2-6)
    • Well Child Visit (Age 7-11)
    • Well Child Visit (Age 12-19)
  • Avoidable Hospital Use
    • Potentially Preventable Admissions – Child
    • Potentially Preventable Emergency Department Visits






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