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City Mission of Schenectady

Areas Project Intends to Serve



The City Mission of Schenectady aims to use Schenectady barbershops as a valuable resource for improving health among the low- and non-utilizing Medicaid population by recruiting barbers to advocate for their customer’s health, linking them with health coaches who will facilitate connections to healthcare and social resources. The City Mission intends to incentivize Schenectady barbershops to compete against one another in achieving the greatest positive health outcomes in the community across a few metrics, e.g. number of referrals to Empower Health and number of customers attending primary care appointments.

DSRIP Measures Addressed

  • Asthma
    • Asthma Control Scripts (50%+)
    • Asthma Control Scripts (75%+)
    • Asthma Medication ratio
    • Potentially Preventable Admissions – Adolescent Asthma
    • Potentially Preventable Admissions – Pediatric Asthma
  • Preventative Health
    • Primary Care Visit (All Ages)
    • Well Child Visit (All Ages)
  • Avoidable Hospital Use
    • Potentially Preventable Admissions – Child
    • Potentially Preventable Admissions – Adult
    • Potentially Preventable Emergency Department Visits






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