Performance Teams Workspace

This webpage is designed for use by Alliance partners, participating on one or more performance team. Alliance will organize and update all working documents for the performance teams on this page.

Please let us know if you would like to see additional information housed here. Contact with any ideas or feedback.

Information for NEW Partner Organizations

Welcome to Alliance for Better Health! We’re thrilled to work with you to improve the health of our communities. The following actions are required of all new partners to Alliance as we kick-off our work together. Please complete the following steps as soon as possible.

  1. Apply for Transformation Fund or Innovation Fund (or both).
  2. Assess if you have a standing agreement with Alliance to partner and share data. Contact to inquire.
  3. Submit Your Proxy Measures. Please refer to this Proxy Measure Guide for definitions while you work through submitting your proxy measures. For assistance with this activity, please contact us directly at
  4. Submit here the names of your internal team members who will be participating on performance teams.
  5. Share Medicaid Patient List. Under Alliance’s Incentive Program, Medicaid Patient Lists have been requested from partners to enable the generation of analytics targeted at impacting and informing the progress of the program. For all Incentive Program participants, this act of sharing the list between the partner and Alliance is permissible under DSRIP and HIPAA guidelines and does not violate patient consent. View our Partner Sharing Guidance for additional information. Please submit your patient via the template below:

Medicaid Patient List Submission Template

Information for Current Performance Team Members

Medicaid Patient List Submission Template

Team Resources

Performance measures

Proxy measure examples

Proxy measure guide

Transformation Fund Payment Methodology