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  • 83% of their referral activity from June-Sept 2020 was providing clothing and household goods to expectant mothers.
  • Dedicated to supporting young mothers, women, and families – Mom Starts Here adapted quickly during the pandemic to continue to provide diapers, formula, and other resources to those in need. 


Alliance for Better Health invested in the Trinity Alliance Wellness Advocates Linking Communities (WALC) Community Health Worker (CHW) Program. Our CHW’s have worked with hundreds of individuals to alleviate thousands of social determinant of health barriers, enabling them to make meaningful connections to primary and specialty care, obtain health insurance, and use pharmacy supports. Now, we are beginning multiple VBP contracts to provide this global social care to individuals that will continue to lead to improved health and well-being.

Harris Oberlander

CEO, Trinity Alliance of the Capital Region

There is inherent synergy between Alliance for Better Health and The Food Pantries for the Capital District to work on a systems level to address food as a social determinant of health. Our partnership provides an opportunity to develop sustainable programs that can be scalable for significant impact to improve health through consistent access to healthy food for our most vulnerable community members. We are grateful for their support of our Community Food Assistance Network. Working together, we can do more than any one of us alone. Thank you Alliance for Better Health.

Natasha Pernicka

Executive Director, The Food Pantries for the Capital District

The Healthy Capital District Initiative has worked to improve access to health care in the Capital Region for over 20 years. We help more than 10,000 people a year apply for health insurance and address any trouble they may have with their coverage. Working with Alliance for Better Health strengthens our service model by adding engagement with primary care and foundational social supports—food, housing and transportation. With their collaboration, we now have more confidence that our communities are getting healthier, and they are thrilled with easier access to other essential services.

Kevin Jobin-Davis

Executive Director, Healthy Capital District Initiative



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Healthy Together, Referral Network

A state-of-the-art referral management platform that simplifies and streamlines social determinants of health-focused referrals between medical, behavioral, and social care providers to improve health.

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Healthy Together, Referral Network

Circulation is a transportation service used to connect individuals with social care services that address basic needs. This product is a direct response to the growing body of research demonstrating that addressing social determinants of health (i.e. transportation) more effectively in underserved communities can improve health while lowering costs. In order to take part in Circulation, you must be a user of Healthy Together.

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We are a collaborative, high-performing, regional network of organizations that provide social services (access to food, shelter, transportation, etc.) to the underserved communities spanning Albany, Rensselaer, Schenectady, Fulton, Montgomery, and Saratoga counties. A community convener, Alliance brings together health providers of all kinds – medical, social, and behavioral – to cultivate sustainable, community-wide solutions that better health.

We assist (our community members + partners), we advise (where necessary), we augment (when invited to do so), we assess (to offer feedback about our shared progress), and we take accountability for the health of our community.


The work we do is largely possible thanks to Healthy Together, Alliance’s free referral platform, used to connect thousands of community members in need to our growing network of organizations ready and willing to help. Healthy Together links health providers of all kinds (from regional hospitals to local food pantries and everyone in between), so that basic human needs – not just medical ones – are met timely and with kindness.




At the very foundation of our company is a shared belief that we exist only because we continue to foster real change for our community’s most vulnerable. Our hypothesis, which is part of a growing trend, is that by addressing social needs (access to healthy food, stable housing, job training, etc.) before they evolve into medical problems (routine – costly – trips to the emergency department for warmth during cold, winter months for the homeless population, etc.) will improve the overall health of our communities, while reducing medical costs for all.

Alliance for Better Health

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