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Healthy Together, Referral Network

Healthy Together

A state-of-the-art referral management platform that simplifies and streamlines social determinants of health-focused referrals between medical, behavioral, and social care providers to improve health.

Ride Health

Ride Health is a transportation service used to connect individuals with social care services that address basic needs. This product is a direct response to the growing body of research demonstrating that addressing social determinants of health (i.e. transportation) more effectively in underserved communities can improve health while lowering costs. In order to take part in Ride Health, you must be a user of Healthy Together.

The following services are available to IPA participants only.

HR Support Services

Healthy Alliance IPA Participants have access to HR services that support organizational needs, while minimizing costs.

Grant Writing

If you are an IPA Participant and need assistance with grant writing, reviewing, and/or consulting, please complete the request form.

HIPAA Training

IPA Participants have access to complimentary HIPAA Training for employees.

Questions? Email [email protected] or
call 518-304-5400.

Security Self-Assessment

IPA Participants have access to a complimentary organizational Security Self-Assessment.

Questions? Email [email protected] or
call 518-304-5400.

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