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Jacob Reider, MD | Last updated: May 2020

When we announced that our IPA had executed our first contract, I found myself explaining what an IPA is and what it does. An IPA is a business entity that assists multiple independent organizations to contract with managed care organizations (health plans). We know that it’s uncommon (unheard of?) for an IPA to work with organizations that are not solely physicians but, as disruptive innovators, we are honored to curate an IPA – with you – that focuses explicitly on social determinants of health.

Where we are now


We have over sixty organizations participating in the IPA.


We have four executed agreements with health plans, and expect this to grow.

We have a technology platform that connects our community.

We have a team that is excited, highly-motivated, and dedicated to doing what’s best for the community.

Where we are going (and why)

Our IPA is focused on helping organizations embrace (rather than fear) the change that is happening. These changes will, we hope, help us improve the health of hundreds of thousands of people in New York and beyond. Our plan is to continue to build relationships on both sides of this work: growing the breadth and scope of the organizations who join the IPA, while growing the number of health plans with whom we partner.





  • Identify and pursue new and sustainable funding streams.
  • Align your mission with those of managed care organizations.
  • Access Healthy Together, our referral platform that makes it easy to track when, and for whom, services were provided to a community member while measuring the positive change.
  • Prove cost savings to funders to demonstrate your value.
  • Access our shared-infrastructure: technology, transportation, telephony, analytics, risk management, finance, compliance, privacy/security, HR, analytics, business/operations optimization, service line alignment, and referral management.


  • Supplement community investments.
  • Meet NYS DOH requirements to enter contracts with organizations to address social determinants of health, without having to manage several partner relationships.
  • “One stop shop” for securing, developing, and executing VBP contracts focused on social care initiatives with measurable ROI.
  • Hold network participants accountable – working to meet quality measures through a unified technology platform that helps network members.
  • Identify high-need individuals; track electronic referrals between clinicians and social care organizations; capture appropriate data to support quality measurement; report on service effectiveness and intervene where appropriate; and adhere to regulatory compliance standards and performance metrics.
  • Achieve health plan/CMS/DOH savings through social care investments with demonstrated ROI to:
    • Reduce medical expense/total cost of care
    • Reduce administration burden/costs (churn)
    • Increase revenue
    • Improve Member satisfaction
    • Improve regulatory compliance supports.


  • Attain shared savings through progressive contracting with managed care organizations.
  • Manage referrals to the community rapidly and properly.
  • Given this infrastructure, medical providers can:
    • Enter risk sharing (level 2) agreements with managed care organizations
    • Reduce “social admissions” that may not be reimbursed
    • Reduce “social bed days” and delayed discharges due to social factors
    • Reduce preventable readmissions within 30 days and subsequent CMS penalties
    • Improve commercial and NYS/CMS clinical quality measure performance (and therefore revenue) – even with level 1 upside-only contracts



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Public Notice of Compliance

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403 Fulton Street, 2nd Floor, Troy, NY 12180
Phone: 518-701-2200

Healthy Together, Referral Network

A state-of-the-art referral management platform that simplifies and streamlines social determinants of health-focused referrals between medical, behavioral, and social care providers to improve health.

Interested in joining Healthy Together? Please fill out the request form below.

Healthy Together, Referral Network

Circulation is a transportation service used to connect individuals with social care services that address basic needs. This product is a direct response to the growing body of research demonstrating that addressing social determinants of health (i.e. transportation) more effectively in underserved communities can improve health while lowering costs. In order to take part in Circulation, you must be a user of Healthy Together.

Interested in joining Circulation or Healthy Together? Please fill out the request form below.

Human Resources Support Services

Healthy Alliance IPA Participants have access to specialized HR services that support organizational needs, while minimizing costs.

*This service is available to IPA Participants only.



If you are an IPA Participant and interested in grant writing, grant reviewing, or grant consulting services, please complete the request form.

*This service is available to IPA Participants only.

HIPAA Training and Security Self-Assesment

IPA Participants have access to complimentary HIPAA Training for employees, as well as an organizational Security Self-Assessment.

If you have questions regarding these benefits, please
contact [email protected] or
call 518-304-5400.

*To streamline, if multiple people oversee different areas within your organization, you may want to review + distribute this PDF version prior to taking the actual Security Self-Assessment.



We are a collaborative, high-performing, regional network of organizations that provide social services (access to food, shelter, transportation, etc.) to the underserved communities spanning Albany, Rensselaer, Schenectady, Fulton, Montgomery, and Saratoga counties. A community convener, Alliance brings together health providers of all kinds – medical, social, and behavioral – to cultivate sustainable, community-wide solutions that better health.

We assist (our community members + partners), we advise (where necessary), we augment (when invited to do so), we assess (to offer feedback about our shared progress), and we take accountability for the health of our community.


The work we do is largely possible thanks to Healthy Together, Alliance’s free referral platform, used to connect thousands of community members in need to our growing network of organizations ready and willing to help. Healthy Together links health providers of all kinds (from regional hospitals to local food pantries and everyone in between), so that basic human needs – not just medical ones – are met timely and with kindness.




At the very foundation of our company is a shared belief that we exist only because we continue to foster real change for our community’s most vulnerable. Our hypothesis, which is part of a growing trend, is that by addressing social needs (access to healthy food, stable housing, job training, etc.) before they evolve into medical problems (routine – costly – trips to the emergency department for warmth during cold, winter months for the homeless population, etc.) will improve the overall health of our communities, while reducing medical costs for all.

Alliance for Better Health

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