Emergency Department Triage for At Risk Populations

DSRIP Project Name: Emergency Department Triage for At-Risk Populations (Project 2.b.iii)

Alliance staff contact: Ed Stomski | 518.701.2283


Educate patients on which level of care is best for their needs and help connect them to available care outside of the emergency department.

Why does the community need this project?

The emergency department is designed to treat medical issues that could not otherwise be addressed by a primary care doctor or urgent care center. Due to many factors including 24-7 accessibility; the legal obligation to treat everyone who comes in, no matter their insurance status; the ability to arrive by ambulance when no other mode of transportation is available and more, people frequently go to the emergency department for non-emergent situations. Unnecessary visits prevent patients from establishing beneficial relationships with a primary doctor, and also are much more expensive than alternatives.

Project Goal

Help patients access primary care and educate them on when to seek which level of care (primary care, urgent care, emergency department) to reduce potentially preventable emergency department use.

Our Plan

  • Guide all partner hospitals in hiring emergency department navigators to help educate patients and connect them to necessary services including referrals to specialists, medical testing and social services.
  • Connect patients with a primary care follow-up visit within 30 days of discharge.