Asthma Self-Management

DSRIP Project Name: Expansion of Asthma Home-Based Self-Management Program (Project 3.d.ii)Project Resources-01

Alliance staff contact: Ed Stomski | 518.701.2283


Educate asthma patients, especially children and their caregivers, on how to manage their asthma outside of the doctor’s office, including making the home environment as healthy as possible.

Why does the community need this project?

Asthma is a complex disease that requires patients understand the condition and how their lifestyle and environment can affect their health. Without this understanding, patients frequently experience dangerous complications that require emergency treatment. Educating patients on how to prevent asthma complications will reduce unnecessary hospitalizations and improve patients’ quality of life.

Project Goal

Engage and teach asthma patients and their caregivers to proactively manage their asthma condition at home, resulting in improved health and fewer hospital visits.

Our Plan

  • Educate patients on how to monitor and manage their condition at home, including how to use a medication and when to follow-up with their provider.
  • Provide evaluation services to help patients identify and resolve harmful environmental factors that could lead to asthma complications, including pests, mold and secondhand smoke.