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Q&A: Alliance for Better Health CEO Jacob Reider on achieving interoperability

February 23, 2019

“The part of the CMS regulation that says payers have to share clinical data with consumers might reduce payer enthusiasm in acquiring clinical data. Historically, payers don’t capture much clinical data. They haven’t adopted the standards used in the health information technology of health systems. Some companies have bought health IT firms to capture and analyze this data. Optum is the best example. Centene and Humana also recently bought companies to do this.

As the industry figures out how to better manage clinical data, we might see that health systems, as they take on more risk, are going to maintain that type of clinical analytics capability and the payers might do less of it. Payers might say, “Well gosh never mind. We don’t want that data because then we’re going to have to figure out how to share it with that consumer. Just leave the data in the health system and give them the risk.” Read more…

Alliance for Better Health

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