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Meet Lisa, our Finance Director. As strong financials are a necessary part to the success and sustainability of any business, Lisa recognizes how important her role is in not only making sure we remain financially viable, but in enabling community stakeholders to invest in the shared goal of helping members of the underserved communities improve their health. Lisa’s life is all about her family. Over the last two decades, her life has revolved around her kids and community, volunteering for things like book fairs at school and being the treasurer for the town softball league. When she entered back into the workforce after years of being out of it to raise her children – she self-admittedly was so focused on getting back on track with her career that she stopped doing the volunteer work that brought her so much joy. So, to change that, Lisa recently prioritized getting back into the community and volunteering during a time where a sense of community is needed the most. As a vaccinator assistant at the Time Union Center Covid-19 vaccine distribution site, Lisa has been extremely humbled to be part of an operation that has been so rewarding – bringing back the happiness that she gets from helping others. Splitting her time between Albany and Long Island, Lisa has enjoyed the opportunity to experience New York State a little more. Although she’s happy to be closer to the beach when she’s spending her time on Long Island, one of her favorite places will always be Cape Cod, MA. Last July, she got re-married on the beach there in an intimate ceremony surrounded by her closest family and friends, adding two step-daughters to her existing brood of three. Spending time outdoors with her large family of seven is what she loves most!In a difficult time like we’ve experienced – Lisa wants us to focus on what is going right instead of what is going wrong. Always look for the silver lining, especially in times when it’s hardest to find! ... See MoreSee Less
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We are thrilled to see the Washington Ave. Armory vaccination site open, a major step in building vaccine equity in the Capital Region! 🚨 💉 Eligible residents living in Albany, Rensselaer, and Schenectady Counties can now schedule an appointment for their vaccine.Make an appointment at or call 1-833-697-4829.A reminder that everyone can pre-register for the vaccine too: ... See MoreSee Less
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Meet David. As one of our IT gurus, he hopes to use technology to reach our shared goal of improving health.David’s interest in computers and technology started when he was young – getting his first computer when he was 13. Although he had been waiting a few years to get a computer, David ultimately convinced his parents to buy him one after assuring them he’d use it for school work and share it with his little brother. Like any well used computer, the wear and tear that came from David spending hours playing games, using it for school, and exploring its functionality caused it to break every so often. Thankfully, a family member of his was an IT professional who fixed computers and taught him how to repair them, opening his eyes to a whole new interest of his. Although he enjoyed this ‘work,’ David didn’t see himself studying IT in college as he didn’t originally think to make a career out of it, but once he started learning about how everything works, he couldn’t imagine himself pursuing anything else. He plans to continue gaining more innovative technology knowledge, eventually getting his master’s in information technology and computer science from New York University (NYU).A music lover, David was a DJ for his college radio station. His favorite part? Talking into the microphone and chatting with whoever called in. Since he likes all types of music, this gig was perfect for him – getting to play his new favorite music tracks or whatever music he felt like that day. David shares this piece of advice: if you’re going to do something, make sure you’re going to do it right. Put your full effort in! ... See MoreSee Less
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