Julie Clegg

As chief financial officer at Alliance for Better Health, Julie Clegg believes the administrative side of health care is critically important to transforming the health of the community. By envisioning better ways to do things, Julie works to present sustainable practices that support patients, partners and staff alike.

Prior to her current role, Julie learned the perspective of providers and community-based organizations as chief financial officer at Planned Parenthood Mohawk Hudson, an Alliance partner. She has broad experience with organizations that are on the forefront of population health, including as associate director at Navigant where she worked with risk-taking exemplar systems across the United States. Julie has extensive experience working in academic medical centers, including Columbia University’s Columbia Doctors, St. Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital Center and Albany Medical Center. Julie holds a Master of Science in taxation from SUNY Albany and a Bachelor of Science in accounting from the University of South Carolina.

Julie views healthcare as a civil rights issue and seeks to make a difference to both providers and patients by making quality care accessible to all. Her passionate colleagues inspire her to bring strong vision and ingenuity to achieve community health.